madeline oh


Bed Time Stories
By: Madeliene Oh
Publisher: Now out of print
ISBN: 1-59426-503-8

"teasing and titillation..." Ellen at The Romance Studio



LEATHER LOVE from Bed Time Stories


"I brought you a present."

"Thanks." Annie couldn't miss Jean-Luc's slow smile. "What is it?"

"Open it, and you'll find out."

Might as well. He obviously wasn't going to tell her. He had that look in his eyes, as if daring her. Ha!

The box was almost the exact, pale blue as the Tiffany's box that held her godmother's graduation gift but, size and shape aside, Annie doubted Jean-Luc had bought gold hoop ear rings. Nipple rings were more his line. She shivered at that thought. Untying the white ribbon, she ran her fingers over the smooth gloss of the cardboard, hesitating before opening, wanting to know what Jean-Luc had chosen, and wondering what he expected. She glanced up . His eyes were still, seeming almost expressionless but she knew him well enough by now to know that this calm was a veneer over his suppressed excitement.

What in the name of heaven was in the box?

As she lifted the lid, Annie caught a faint whiff of new leather from the mass of scrunched-up, black tissue paper. Her pulse quickened as she touched the skin-softness of expensive leather and pulled out a metallic-leather corset: soft as heavy satin and with a sheen like polished copper. The supple leather warmed under her finger tips. With a slow shiver of anticipation, she ran her hands over the animal skin and traced the twin lines of stitching that encased narrow strips of whalebone.

"It's beautiful," Annie whispered half to herself. She'd seen corsets before, in the books Jean-Luc loaned her and the videos they watched together. She'd noticed satin and latex corsets worn at the two fetish parties he'd taken her to. But she'd never held a corset in her hands, much less ever seen anything as beautiful, as obviously expensive, and as intimidating as this. It looked tight-fitting and encompassing and her breath quickened as if she were already constricted.

"It will be beautiful with you inside it," Jean-Luc said, a dark light flickering deep in his eyes.

"You want me to wear it?"

"I sure as hell didn't buy it for you to stare at with that shocked smile of yours."

No, he hadn't. He'd bought it to enclose her... Goosebumps skittered down her spine. "When do you want me to wear it?"

"Now." Her mouth went cold and dry as her body responded to his knuckles caressing her cheek. "Right now." He took the corset from her shaking hands. "Go upstairs and strip. I won't keep you waiting." Anxiety disappeared in a wild rush of anticipation as Jean-Luc's mouth curled at the corners. He kissed her on the mouth. Slowly. Opening her lips and pressing deep with his tongue. Just as her body warmed and damp gathered between her legs, he broke the kiss. "Be ready for me." He stepped aside to let her walk upstairs.

Once in her room, Annie slipped out of her sensible pumps and stripped off her clothes, laying her jacket over a chair and leaving her skirt a crumpled circle on the carpet. Her underwear followed fast. She was naked. For Jean-Luc. Naked, stripped, and apprehensive. She tried to calm herself by closing her eyes and breathing slowly, but when she shut her lids, she saw the copper corset in Jean-Luc's hands and smelled the soft, sweet scent of new leather... and her arousal.

She opened her eyes and looked around the pitched roof and dormer windows. It was her familiar room alright. She just felt changed with each heartbeat. She smiled at the polished brass bed with its crochet spread. Soon...


The door opened.

"Jean-Luc!" Her body responded to the sight of him before he uttered a word. Or was it the contents of the blue box in his hands that had her wet and anxious?

"Take it. I want to watch you put it on." He held out the box. "And then I'll tighten it."

The corset still lay in the nest of tissue that rustled as Annie reached inside. She smiled as the leather brushed her skin. "How tight will it be?"

"As tight as your cunt around my cock."

She went cold and hot in quick succession, a heated thrill racing over her skin. Jean-Luc's words hung in the air between then, as Annie lifted the corset from its nest of tissue. The glove-soft leather was lined with matching silk, laces tied at the back, and down the front was a row of tiny brass hooks.

While Jean-Luc sat on the chintz-covered day bed, where he'd fucked her soundly last weekend, Annie wrapped the corset round her waist. Warm as a caress, the leather enveloped her ribs like a lover's arms. Like Jean-Luc's hold on her.

Twelve hooks fastened down the front from between her breasts to just above her pussy. The corset almost met at her waist. It took just a little tug to fasten the first hook. The second closed easily enough but with the next two, one above and one below, the tightness grew like a pair of strong hands gripping her waist. Annie held her breath as she fastened the corset up to her bust, exhaling gently at the last hook. Looking down at her breasts, shaped now into tight globes, she paused a moment, savoring the constriction, the sense of encasement, the feeling of being surrounded: her ribs enclosed, her waist compressed, her breasts high.

And she had five more hooks to go.

Those were easier. It seemed the manufacturers expected less than skinny hips. Why not? Jean-Luc knew every inch of her body. The leather wrapped as closely as a new skin. She found herself breathing gently at first, then deeper.

"Beautiful!" Jean-Luc stood up. "Now to tighten it."

"It's tight enough already!"

He shook his head. "Now, it is like my finger in your sweet cunt. I want you to understand how it feels to have your soft walls squeezing my cock. His hands cupped her breasts which felt fuller and heavier than ever before. He brushed her nipples with his finger tips and she felt his touch right down in her groin. Hell! She felt it deep inside. She was as hot and needy as if they'd been fooling on the sofa all evening, or watching one of his hand-picked videos.

Annie let out a little moan and leaned back, pressing her naked bottom against his tropical wool slacks and his most definite erection. She wasn't the only one ready.

"Stand up," he whispered, "chin up, back straight, put your hands on your head and breathe easy."

She obeyed, when what she wanted, needed, was to rock her hips against him and let the rhythm and his fingers take her to climax. But Jean-Luc's fingers were busy between her shoulder blades.

The first pull caused her to catch her breath but her body accepted the constriction. She breathed carefully, lifting her chin and her breasts. Her breasts seemed larger, fuller, and acutely sensitized, as if tightening her body pushed all her nerve endings to her breasts. Her nipples peaked and she gave another gasp as Jean-Luc tightened lower.

He proceeded with infinite care, pulling her in millimeter by millimeter until her diaphragm was constricted and she breathed high in her chest: short shallow pants that seemed to match her racing heartbeat. He paused a while, to let her body adjust to the corset, then with a soft kiss on the side of her neck, began again. When he paused, his hands smoothed the leather that covered her hips and belly. He stroked the whalebone curving down her straitened body. Once, as he paused, his erection brushed her thigh. She wanted to reach for him but, as directed, she kept her hands on her head while he forced her body into warm leather.


As he finished, Jean-Luc tied the two laces in a knot, the loose laces hung down over her naked bottom. One, either by chance or Jean-Luc's design, slipped in her crack, the end brushing between her legs.

"Now," he said, "walk towards the door and back to me. I want to watch you move."

He expected her to walk when she could scarcely breath!

Annie pulled her shoulders back and her chin up, the movement lifted her breasts even higher but eased the tightness beneath them. She took her first step tentatively, half-afraid her knees would wobble or her feet refuse to obey. But she took one step, and another. She was walking, head high and heart racing, her body wild with desire and need. At the door, she turned and caught a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror opposite the foot of the bed. She was encompassed in iridescence. A wide beam of afternoon sun caught the gleam of the leather as she moved. Seemed she stood taller, back straight and shoulders back. With her body constricted, her limbs felt freer than usual. Her legs moved with a ease and confidence that amazed her. Her arms swung comfortably. She raised them slowly and one by one removed the pins that held up her neat French pleat. As the last pin fell to the floor, Annie shook her hair free on her shoulders. A few strands fell on one breast and she left them there and looked across the room at Jean-Luc.

He smiled and beckoned. "Come over her, Annie." Breath tight, heart racing, she crossed the room with slow steps. Her thighs were shaking as she stood knee to knee with Jean-Luc. He looked up at her and without a word, eased his finger between her pussy lips. And smiled. "You're wet, Annie."

His fingers held her cunt lips apart. His knees brushed hers. She felt the warmth of fine wool as he nudged her thighs apart. His breath was warm on her face. His free arm encompassing her shoulders, he pulled her close as his mouth opened her lips. He kissed with infinite slowness, utter power and complete certainty of her response. She sighed as his tongue pressed hers and she rocked her hips against his hand. His thumb stroked her clit. His mouth possessed hers. Her mind roared with need and desire. His thumb worked her with a steady, slow caress. Once. Twice. With the third stroke she came, her cry swallowed in his mouth.

She clung to him as her knees gave way. Jean-Luc steadied her with his arms as she sagged against him. Slowly her breathing returned to normal, or as close as it could with her ribs encased in leather, and the pounding in her ears eased. As she leaned into his chest she heard his whisper.

"You'll wear this whenever I ask, won't you Annie?"


Now out of print