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madeleine oh's When Jud Came Back

When Jud Came Back
By: Madeleine Oh
ISBN: 978-1-68252-451-0
Release date: Dec. 5, 2017
Publisher: Loose Id LLC

Life was settled and predictable in Craven Court House. Until Jud Garlett, the teen age outcast, returns. Now Jud has the money and the power to make the good citizens sit up and take notice and he has scores to settle. Except Annette Jackson unsettles him.

Annette was drawn to him when they were teenagers but learned back then that Jud was dangerous for her peace of mind and does not intend to go there again. But trying to keep her family happy, she does meet him and the old emotions surface with a vengeance. But she has changed and so has he, and once they resolve their past difficulties, they leave their teenage emotions behind. They meet as adults, with mature passions and needs, and Jud proves to be the first lover to understand and satisfy her kinky needs.

All would be perfect, if the past didn't dog them and Annette wasn't torn between her need for Jud and her family responsibilities.

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