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Single white submissiveSunday Afternoon with Mac SUNDAY AFTERNOON WITH MAC
From the anthology Single White Submissive
By: Madeleine Oh
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Ebook available at: Elloras Cave :: Kindle :: Nook
Print: Single White Submissive Ellora's Cave

ISBN: 978-1419926266 (novella ebook)
ISBN: 978-1419953767 (print anthology Single White Submissive)

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Single, white submissive ISO intelligent, inventive and creative dominant. Perfection not necessary but common sense, wit and sense of humor are. I'm 27, employed and looking for someone to fulfill my fantasies of velvet manacles and silk scarves.


They practically ran down the corridor, Mac pulling her along. Once back in his room, he spun her to face him and kissing hard, untied the belt, easing the dressing gown off her shoulders. It felt so right to be naked again. His mouth pressed on hers, pushing her lips apart before his tongue invaded with heat and passion. She tried to meet his kiss, pressing her tongue on his, exploring his mouth, but she couldn't match his power and strength. There was no question who lead the kiss and who followed, and her heart fluttered with happiness.

She whimpered with disappointment when he lifted his mouth to break the kiss. “Hush,” he chided tapping her lips with his finger. “Don't you dare complain, Ginny. That's not one of your options. Unless you want to safe word out.”

Not a chance! Play he might call it, but there was nothing frivolous about his purpose. “I don't want to safe word out.”

“Good. Prove your sincerity by kneeling and sucking my cock. Take it as deep as you can. Show me how much you want to please me.” His hands on her shoulders pressed gently. She could easily have resisted the pressure and just stepped back and walked away. But she wasn't loony!

She knelt.

The carpet was soft under her knees, the hair on his legs brushing her breasts as she leaned in. She raised a hand to stroke his beautiful cock, but his fingers closed over her wrist.

“No,” he said, “no hands. I want to see what you can do with your mouth alone. Clasp you hands behind your back.”

It made balancing up on her knees a little harder but if worst came to the worst and she toppled forward, she'd fall smack into his legs and that could hardly be bad. Finding his cock wasn't going to be difficult—his silk dressing gown tented over his erection.

Once steady, she leaned in and grasped the colored silk in her teeth pulling it a little aside so his cock sprang out, hard, and aimed right at her. She kissed the tip, caressing the smooth, rounded flesh with her lips and licking gently to savor the sweet bead of moisture, before opening her lips and taking the rounded head into her mouth. She worked her lips up and over the smooth, rounded knob, fluttering her tongue over his ridge and frenulum, before moving her head and taking him in deep.

His cock was the perfect size—strong and lusciously firm but not so long as to choke her or wide enough to gag her. It could have been made to measure to suit her needs and wants.

Was Mac right? Were they made for each other? Had the thunderbolt hit her, too? Now was not the time to worry over that. Not with his wondrous cock in her mouth and her lips working up and down the hard rod of muscle. Her mind blanked out, her reason lost in vast tide of longing, need and heat. On her knees, worshiping his cock, peace flooded her. This felt so right, to be here, naked for Mac. To show her willingness and prove her worthiness.

His hands tunneled in her hair, clasping her head as he gently eased her mouth up and down his cock. With Mac controlling, Ginny concentrated on using her tongue. Licking round him, flicking the head of his cock with soft, large movements then whirling around with faster, lighter darts circling his ridge and teasing the sensitive spot underneath. She longed, itched, to stroke his balls, but kept her hands clasped as ordered, confident he'd let her worship his balls in his own good time.

She looked up and met his eyes. His smile and the dazed but ecstatic look on his face was all she needed to increase her efforts. This was sheer and utter joy and feminine power and she reveled in it.


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Ebook available at: Elloras Cave :: Kindle :: Nook
Print: Single White Submissive Ellora's Cave


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