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madeleine oh's When Jud Came Back

When Jud Came Back
By: Madeleine Oh
ISBN: 978-1-68252-451-0
Release date: Dec. 5, 2017
Publisher: Loose Id LLC

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Loose Id

Life was settled and predictable in Craven Court House. Until Jud Garlett, the teen age outcast, returns. Now Jud has the money and the power to make the good citizens sit up and take notice and he has scores to settle. Except Annette Jackson unsettles him.

Annette was drawn to him when they were teenagers but learned back then that Jud was dangerous for her peace of mind and does not intend to go there again. But trying to keep her family happy, she does meet him and the old emotions surface with a vengeance. But she has changed and so has he, and once they resolve their past difficulties, they leave their teenage emotions behind. They meet as adults, with mature passions and needs, and Jud proves to be the first lover to understand and satisfy her kinky needs.

All would be perfect, if the past didn't dog them and Annette wasn't torn between her need for Jud and her family responsibilities.



"We will." It seemed like a promise as his hand stroked her breast. "Good thing I'm a good Boy Scout and came prepared."

"You were never a Boy Scout!"

"True," he agreed, "but I've sponsored a troop or two. Cub Scout packs as well, but do you really want to talk about that now?"

She wouldn't dignify that with an answer. It made much more sense to roll him on his back and pin his legs down with hers as she pulled up his shirt and ran her hands over his chest. Since he made not the slightest objection to her advances, she yanked his shirt all the way up and ran her tongue over his nearest nipple as she reached for his belt.

He rolled her onto her back and pulled up her shirt before she had time to complain, and once he had her bra open, she wasn't about to object about anything.

His touch was magic, incredible, wonderful. She was panting as he pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it, and her bra, aside. "God!" he said. "You are superb, so lovely." He might have been talking about her or her breasts, didn't matter just as long as he kept on stroking one and suckling at the other and never stopped. Except she wanted more. She was half-naked; why wasn't he?

"Why are you still dressed?" Might as well ask, but it wasn't exactly easy to get words out with his tongue fluttering around her nipple.

Since he stopped to lift his head and reply, she half wished she'd kept that question to herself. "You want to see me naked?"

She nodded. "Why not?"

"Okay," he replied, standing and reaching for the waist of her shorts. "After you," he said as he took down her shorts and panties with one swift move. "Lovely." He smiled down at her. "You lie there and watch, and I'll get naked for you."

He did. It wasn't exactly a striptease, more like a slow delight as her mouth watered at the sight of gorgeous male flesh and muscle and a truly impressive erection. "Like what you see?" he asked.

Men were so damn needy when it came to certain things, but he was, undeniably, a sight to delight the eye. "Rather nice."

He just about burst at that.

"Nice?" he echoed. "Nice? I'll give you 'nice.'"

"I hope so, since I'm naked and you look very…interested."

His cock twitched with his chuckle. Nice. Very nice, in fact, but she wanted a whole lot more.

"Oh, it will be very nice, Annette," he said, leaning over her with his hands flat in either side of her shoulders and giving her a close-up view of his quite impressive cock. "Very, very nice, I promise you. I have plans for you tonight. Good plans, exciting plans, plans that will have you begging for me, moaning for me, groaning with need, and screaming with pleasure."

And if he didn't get going soon, she'd bust something. "Confident, aren't you?"

He laughed, more cock movement, so tantalizing, in fact, that she reached out for him, but his fingers closed over her wrist, stopping her movement. "No." He whispered it, but it came as clear as a sounding gong. "You can't touch unless I say so."

"And why should I do what you tell me?" He had some nerve.

"Because by doing what I say, you will get the most satisfying fuck of your life."

"You really are full of yourself, Jud."

"Not really. I know what you want, and I sure know what I want, and since our mutual needs mesh…"

He was damn right about her neediness, but… "So I'm just to lie here and do what I'm told, am I?"

"Yes, you are. Think you can manage that?"

This was getting too much like one of her stories. Had he discovered her secret and read them? "Why would I want to?"

"Because, Princess, I will enjoy watching your struggle to obey me, and I can promise you, the end will be worth the effort on your part."

"What about effort on your part?"

"My effort will be to give you the finest, most incredible climax of your life."

Put that way… "Okay, I'll listen, but I don't promise to do exactly what you tell me."

"Maybe not, but I think you will."

"What makes you so sure?"

"You trust me, or you wouldn't be here now, and you haven't walked out on me at the suggestion."

She wouldn't deny about trusting him. In her heart, she did. But… "Are we going to talk all night?"

"No, we're not. I just wanted to be sure you we willing to acquiesce to my requests."

Better sort out what exactly they were. "I do what I'm told. For how long?"

"Until I bring you to climax, the second time."

"You're setting a high bar."

"Not in the circumstances." He grinned. "Now, listen up. When I pull back the covers, I want you lying on your back in the middle of the bed." That was easy enough. Quite comfy, in fact, He was more than considerate in making sure the pillow was nicely plumped, and lying on crisp linen sheets was no hardship.

She settled back and put her hands behind her head. She could look up better that way.

"No, Annette," he said, taking her wrists and bringing her arms down. "You're not to move unless I tell you to. Now lie there, quite still, and don't move. You agreed."

She had. She wasn't quite sure why. Maybe it was the promise of two climaxes.

"You really mean I have to just lie here and wait for you to make every move?"

"Exactly that. You see…" He went on stroking the side if her face and dropping a soft hiss on her neck. "I will be the one making love to you. I want to enjoy every inch of your luscious body." His hand drifted across her shoulder, and then, very slowly, the tips of his fingers caressed her breast and…and then the other one. "I want to watch you." He did just that, his dark eyes intense as they focused on her breasts. "I want to taste you." He covered her nipple with his lips and slowly flicked the tip of his tongue. "I want to know you are mine." His hand caressed her belly and moved lower.

He was so close to touching where she needed him, she couldn't help tilting her hips to bring him closer.

"No!" His touch was gone, and he stood up, hands on her shoulders as if to hold her down. "You moved. That's not allowed. You must keep still. You agreed."

"Or what?" Arousal was making her irritable.

"You know what. You want, you need me to make love to you, and to have me continue, you will do as I ask."

"It's damned difficult."

He smiled, even chuckled. "That, my dear Annette, is the whole point. Now." He sat back down, and her breath caught as he rested his hand on the inside of her thigh. "Open your legs. Open them wide."

He leaned over as if to smell her. "Ah!" He looked up and smiled. "Seems I have a nicely aroused, sexy woman, just longing to get fucked by me." He kissed her belly.

"Surprised?" Surely after all this, he'd expected that.

"Not in the slightest." He went on, "Delighted and flattered, to be honest. Seems I have that effect on you."

"You always did." That was feeding his ego even more, but…

"I'm so glad." He stroked the inside of her thigh. Just with the tips of his fingers, but she felt it deep within her. This was wonderful…and hell but she managed not to rock her hips, even when he cupped her mound and pressed a finger, ever so gently, between her pussy lips.

Relaxing might have helped, but who could possibly relax with his finger probing very, very slowly. And coming away. She actually bit her lip in the effort to keep still.

How long could she last? "Can I ever move?"

"Oh yes, when I tell you to, you'll move like a wild woman in ecstasy. Now put your right foot flat on the bed so I get a better look at your best parts."

She did, his hand on her ankle moving her until she was positioned just as he wanted. She was open and exposed, and he moved between her legs to make the most of it.

"Very nice," he said, pressing the insides of her thighs, easing them even farther apart. "Hot, pink, and glistening with need. I've done that to you, Annette. I often wondered how you'd look, spread like this, ready for me, wanting me, needing me. And you are, aren't you?"

"Jud, you've pretty much got me in torment."

He laughed at that. "'Torment.' I like that. Let me 'torment' you some more."

His last words were muffled as his mouth came down on her spread pussy.

Gasp was an understatement for her reaction. "Don't move!" It was muffled, but she got the gist and marshaled every iota of control in her desperation to have him continue.

Incredible wasn't the word. Magnificent, wholly inadequate. There weren't words to describe this. She didn't want them. All she wanted, needed, was Jud worshipping her pussy with such abandon and relish.

He hadn't forbidden speech or noise, so a series of sighs, groans, and grunts filled the air. She couldn't hold out not moving much longer, but she'd do her best. But he was slowing, easing, until all she felt was his warm breath on her throbbing flesh.

"Sorry to stop, but I need to get ready. Since you so very obviously are."

He took something from the bedside table: a condom. Thank heaven for that. He came back and, kneeling between legs, he rolled the rubber over his cock.

If she'd been one of her heroines, she'd have put it on him with her mouth. A pity she'd never learned how to do it, but maybe she'd try practicing. Just not right now.

She took a slow breath and relaxed as best she could given the circumstances. "You are beautiful," she said. "Such a lovely, fine, upstanding cock."

"I'm glad you like it," he said, "and very, very soon, you're going to feel it deep inside you. I'm going to come in slowly, and once I'm in you all the way, I'm going to thrust and pump and push inside you until I fuck you to heaven."

"This weekend or next?"

"Both." What a promise! "But right now…" He leaned over her, his thighs between hers as his cock nudged her pussy lips apart.

His touch, and the prospect of what would soon follow, all but drove her wild, and when he rubbed her clit with the tip of his cock, she cried out. "Jud, I need to move. I have to!"

"Not yet, Annette. Soon. Once I'm in you all the way, I'll give you permission. You then may, as much as you want, but not until I say so. Do you understand?"

She understood he was torturing her. "Come in, then. All the way. Deep. Please!"

She might have yelled that last, but she was so close to the edge, it hurt. Her breasts tingled, her clit throbbed with need, and she was so wet, she rather feared for his sheets. Or would have if she gave a damn about his bed linen.

"How could I refuse, Annette? I will fuck you hard, but first, both feet flat."

This was definitely "erotic torture." With his help, she took up the position he asked. Spread wide for his pleasure, she begged to be fucked. He lifted her hips, angling her so his cock nudged the opening of her cunt.

He was coming in. Slowly, almost agonizingly slowly, but he was entering her and, deep in the farthest corners of her mind, beyond thought or reason, she was aware that her immobility, added to her arousal, set another layer of pleasure between them.

He was in. Deep. Pressing into her flesh and making her gasp.

"Let go, my love. Move!" It was all it took. He was barely moving inside her, but she felt everything deep in every cell of her body and every recess of her mind as he told her, "Go ahead, Annette. Come for me!"

Incredibly, she did. She climaxed in a wild paroxysm of pleasure and joy as sensation exploded. Throwing her head back and arching her spine, she screamed out his name until it echoed on the ceiling.

Slowly her body stilled, wild ripples still flooding her consciousness, and she looked up at him, positioned over her.

"Good God, Jud, that was utter…" She might be a writer, but damn, she didn't know words to truly describe what he'd just given her.

"Enjoyed that?" he asked.

She nodded. Far easier that actually trying to form a coherent sentence. "But you haven't come," she finally managed to get out.

"I will," he replied, "very soon, but I just wanted to make sure you were happy." He was still hard, still deep inside her but moving very, very gently. "I wanted you to recover from that before I give you more."

"I'm not sure I ever will recover. Don't think I'll want to."

"Try this, then. I'm going to make you scream."

And he began pumping. Hard. Each time he drove in deep, withdrawing just enough to gain purchase to press even deeper and harder. It was so good, so incredible. So Jud!

He went on and on, seeming to draw strength, power, and speed as he fucked her. Bringing her back and up to the peak again, until she came a second time, and she screamed with pleasure. Holding her close as her climax eased, he continued fucking until he came, calling her name. Wrapping his arms around her and staying deep inside her, he rolled on his side and pulled her with him. He held her close as he slowly softened inside her.

She whimpered as he slipped away from her, but the continuing waves of her fading climax banished any sense of emptiness.

"You were so much more than my wildest fantasies," he said, his breath warm against her hair. "My wonderful Annette. Sleep well. See you at breakfast."

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